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BCCO LLC is a full service internet marketing company based in Raleigh, NC. We offer SEO, SEO audits, penalty recovery, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC management, design and many more services that will support your business as it grows.

SEO has drastically evolved and has become much more technical. In addition, search engines have become very good at detecting and eliminating spam. Our SEO audit uncovers poor quality SEO, technical issues and possible search engine penalties. All of these issues contribute to your website’s rank and visibility online. Other online marketing companies and professionals have used our audit services.

High quality SEO and SEO consulting services has become more important than ever. Many years ago, it was easy to gain high ranking using spam. Search engines like Google and Bing have become very good at detecting and eliminating spam. Now, only the best search engine marketing will be effective online.

Local SEO is much different than a national or world wide SEO campaign. We offer these services in Raleigh, NC and all other cities, towns or areas in the world.

Well written and useful content is a must, if you want your online business to grow. We have a team of professional, creative writers that will capture the attention of your audience and attract more customers for your business.

SEO and content marketing are the most affordable and effective ways to generate traffic to your website. With that said, some companies need exposure overnight and with little effort. That is when we recommend PPC. You can turn a PPC campaign on or off, very fast, but you do not get ongoing results. Our PPC management services will help you get the most out of your pay per click campaigns.

There are many ways to trigger a search engine penalty, especially from Google. Some webmasters or SEOs use spam to rank their websites and can be an obvious catalyst for a penalty. The problem is, some websites receive penalties for issues out of their control. In any case, we are very successful in helping websites recover from Google penalties.

Fanverve - Social Media Marketing Tool

Fanverve, Our Innovative Social Media Marketing Tool

Fanverve is an innovative social media marketing tool that hides prizes or important info in the real world. Anyone can claim their prize or gain access to important info by being at a certain location and having a smartphone. Brands can keep track and connect with the fans that participate. The potential marketing campaigns are only limited by your imagination. Contact us to launch a Fan Challenge!

Wow – really love it – such a cool concept. It’s really clever” – Stefan Weitz, Director of Search at Bing (Microsoft)