Local Business Listings Cleanup And Management

What is a local business listing? It is a listing on a website that shows the name, address, phone number, and other important information about your business. It is an important part of local SEO and ranking.

Supplying correct and consistent information is crucial. If there are more than just a few inconsistencies, Google and other search engines may not trust your information and your website’s rank will more than likely suffer.

SEO Audit Checklist

In order for your company to increase its revenue, you must obtain more customers. You are able to do this by increasing your website’s traffic.

A high quality SEO audit is designed to uncover your website’s issues and report a corresponding solution. Issues range in severity from no optimization, bad optimization, to varying degrees of search engine penalties.

Guide To Merging Two Websites Together

As companies evolve, so does their web properties. If a company is purchased, products and services are usually consolidated with the parent company’s offerings. Whatever the reason, there are things to consider if one company owns and operates two websites that serve a similar purpose. This guide explains the pros and cons of merging two similar websites and how to preserve as much “Authority” from the website that will no longer exist in search results.

How To Setup Google Webmaster Tools

Google offers a free set of tools called “Google Webmaster Tools”. This set of tools monitors your website and helps you make sure it stays healthy. This information only applies to Google. Bing has their own Webmaster Tools and procedures for handling websites.

Optimize Your Website For Each Physical Location

Every company small and large would like to rank well in multiple cities. Most webmasters and SEOs go about this the wrong way. It is not as easy as adding all the locations to one page of the website or adding doorway pages for each location. In fact, doorway pages will more than likely trigger a penalty from Google.

What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the visible and clickable text for a hyperlink. This text is supposed to give a hint to the user about what they are clicking through to view. If you wanted to share a link and that page is about cats example.com/cats, you should include something about cats in your anchor text. Having descriptive text is good for the user and search engines.

Google’s Mobile Friendly Update: What You Need To Know

The tech world is buzzing with news and predictions about what may be one of the biggest updates by Google to date. The new algorithm, announced in February, focuses on how Google evaluates the mobile friendliness of websites and the impact it may have on mobile search rankings in all languages. In recent years, Google has been trying to better the user experience: “users will find it easier to get relevant, high quality search results that are optimized for their devices”.

How To Install An SSL Certificate On A GoDaddy VPS

A few months ago, I wrote “Move Your Website From HTTP to HTTPS Without Killing Your Rank“. That guide explains everything except tasks pertaining to the server. It left out the directions on how to install the SSL certificate on a server. BCCO’s website is hosted with Synthesis, but we host all of our tools on a GoDaddy VPS. If you are not with GoDaddy, these directions will probably still be useful.

Founder Of WordStream Larry Kim On PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising


About Larry Kim

Larry Kim is the founder of WordStream, a leading search marketing software and services provider based in Boston, managing approximately a half-Billion in annual ad spend across over several thousand customers. He regularly shares his advice and insight with over million visitors a month at his WordStream Blog and is a columnist and top contributor for leading industry publications including Inc.com, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Watch, and Social Media Today.

In Depth Malware Guide And What You Should Do If Infected

In the past few weeks, I have been contacted by a few companies that needed help with cleaning their website of malware. We are supplying this guide so it will help our clients and others that will find it online. Some do not think of it as an SEO or internet marketing issue but it most certainly is. Malware penalties are probably the most severe and can definitely hurt your rank and make your company lose money.

Removing malware from a website requires knowing what infected your site before you can get rid of it and prevent future reinfections. Let’s get started!